Quality Rugs from The Rug Seller

3How many times have you travelled, worked away or been on holiday and wanted to come back home to a luxurious, comfortable and familiar surroundings? One of the most wonderful aspects of arriving home is kicking off your shoes and reacquainting your feet with the fantastic rugs they know so well. Heading home to a bare floor just doesn’t offer the same experience.

The Rug Seller is there to offer a wide range of the finest rugs on the market at unbeatable prices delivered right to your doors. Whether it’s online, over the phone or via an in-person visit to the showroom, within moments you could have the rug of your choice under your feet adorning your home.

The Choices

The Rug Seller’s expertise in rugs and years of experience interacting and doing business with manufacturers and importers all around the world, has allowed them to grow into one of the leading rug retailers in the UK. The team passes this advantage to their clients by offering tremendous varieties of rugs including wool rugs, shaggy rugs, Belgian rugs, kids’ rugs, leather, outdoor rugs and many more.

Step into their world of rugs and be amazed at what they can do to make your living spaces that much more pleasant. Over 17000 rugs are available to choose from.

The Costs

Most luxury items come with an expensive price tag. The Rug Seller bucks this particular trend. They offer a price match guarantee to valuable customers who can find the quality of rugs that they offer at a lower price online within 7 days. They even refund the difference plus an additional £5. To top it off they do not charge clients for delivery, thus ensuring they get their complete money’s worth woven into the rugs the buy.

The Service

The doors to the showroom are always open for customers to step into and take a firsthand experience of what it feels like to walk on the rugs in store. It’s also possible to order with greater convenience from the company’s online store or over the phone. Once the order is in, the team ensures they do not keep you and most importantly your feet waiting to feel the warmth of their rugs. The dedicated team of rug wizards is at your disposal to make you feel at home in just a moment’s time.

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