Contemporary Range Cooking

Quite often the focal point, a range cooker can make or break the look or feel of a kitchen. Range cookers are available largely in two styles – contemporary or traditional – and choosing the correct cooker is key to the success of your kitchen aesthetic.

Modern cooker styling

Contemporary Range CookerClean, architectural lines – no soft edges here – and lustrous stainless steel or gloss black finishes combine effortlessly with sleek glass to create a crisp utilitarian look. Overtly decorative finials and the gold or brass metalwork of traditional models are shunned, instead replaced by satin chrome or stainless trim and control knobs, and an almost effortless presentation. Contemporary cookers are available in a variety of fuel types – dual fuel, all gas and all electric – but by their nature, electric ceramic or electric induction models lend themselves to the contemporary aesthetic, sporting sleek gloss black hob surfaces. Electric cookers sit in a modern, cutting edge environment more readily than their gas or dual fuel counterparts.

Examples of contemporary cookers

Most manufacturers offer a healthy selection of contemporary models, from entry level brands such as Belling up to high end range cookers from Britannia. The Rangemaster Professional Plus typifies the modern cooker style, and heads up Rangemaster’s contemporary offering. It has a crisp and highly modern appearance combined with stylish control knobs and well considered, appealing fascia graphics – a world away from the AGA-esque cookers that Rangemaster were generally known for manufacturing. The Professional Plus is available in black, stainless or cranberry finish and in three widths.

The equivalent model from Stoves is the Sterling – clean simplicity and rational design combine with Stoves’ excellent build quality to produce their contemporary model. The Sterling, like the Professional Plus, is available in black or stainless and in a selection of fuel types and widths – the induction models in particular are worthy of mention for being excellent value for money.

An increase in budget brings you to the Ethos cooker collection, by Rangecookers Appliances. Elegance of design and quality of materials elevate this model above the competition in terms of contemporary styling, and the three available finishes – high quality stainless steel, gloss black and bright red – complement the cooker’s uncluttered lines and clean, professional look.

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