The Evolution of Sofas

The evolution of sofas is a contentious issue because there is no solid proof of the actual origin of these extremely common and visible pieces of furniture. There are a variety of theories as to the origin of sofas and most of these cannot even agree on the continent on which the idea of the sofa existed first. Despite the fact that the origin of the concept of the sofa is uncertain, a sofa has still evolved from the extremely Victorian format to the entirely relaxed piece of furniture that it is now.

The naming exercise: Some cultures believe that the soul of an object or person is hidden in its name. If this was the case then a thing like a sofa has gone through so many soul changes that it would be unrecognisable now. There are many synonyms for a sofa with the more popular ones being a couch, settee, lounge and chesterfield. Some lesser known names of a sofa include davenport, loveseat and chaise lounge.

The original sofa: As per certain debatable sources, the original sofa was designed to be a piece of furniture that allows a person to sit up straight. In fact, the definition of a sofa states that it is a piece of furniture that seats more than one person and provides support to the back and arms. Effectively, the traditional sofa is expected to have an armrest on both sides.

The modern sofa: The modern sofa has come a long way from the earliest extremely stiff backed sofa. The sofas of today would more likely be what were traditionally known as a couch. The traditional couch was a very specific type of sofa that had a half back that slanted from one end to another.

However, owing to the proliferation of this specific type of sofa, the term couch, as mentioned above, has become synonymous with each and every type of sofa. Another point worth noting is that the idea of a couch is also very closely tied in with the kind of sofa used by psychiatrists analysing a patient.

The ultra modern sofa: The ultra modern sofa is no longer just a sofa. The ultra modern variants of the traditional sofa or couch allow the couch or sofa to be used for multiple purposes. Effectively, one of the most common variants of a sofa in today’s market is a sofa cum bed. Therefore, if you go looking for sofas, you would most certainly come across the sofa come bed.

The upcoming breed of sofa: The newest variant of sofa, however, is even more advanced than the sofa come bed. These are sofas that are an amalgamation of bean bags and the old school versions of sofas. The result is a sofa that allows the owner to relax or sit up straight. Furthermore, this new type of bean bag sofa is extremely light which makes it very portable and user friendly.

The idea of the sofa has come a long way from the earlier conception of the tight backed, prim and proper principle. Nowadays, it is all about multiple purposes and relaxation.

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