Is a Corner Sofa Right for Me?

A recent report* highlighted that British homes are now some of the smallest in Europe. If your home is tight on space and you need to really squeeze every inch out of your rooms, then a CSL corner sofa could be your salvation.

There are a number of advantages in choosing a corner group sofa over a traditional shape. First of all, it’s economical on floor space. Using just one corner of your room frees up room for other furniture and creates an illusion of space. Secondly, it’s much more sociable to be gathered in a group rather than spread out in a line so you’ll find that having friends over feels much more natural.

Possibly best of all though, corner group sofas come in modules, so you can create the perfect corner group to suit your home and your space. They’re totally individual. Whether you’re looking for a two or three seat set up, a recliner unit or extra storage, you can choose to mix and match components to make your ideal space to relax in.

CSL sofa store offer an amazing app called “In Your Room” which allows you to upload a photograph of your room and then place your chosen sofa in it to make sure it looks exactly how you want it to. As an extra level of reassurance they’ll also take your sofa back if it doesn’t look quite right- a rare offering among sofa specialists.

So, if you’re the proud owner of one of Britain’s small and cosy homes, a corner group could be exactly what you need. What could be more satisfying than designing your own space and maximising your living area without compromising on style or comfort?


For more information on the full range of CSL corner sofas please visit:

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