Bring an Old Room Back to Life

If you are having trouble feeling inspired it could be to do with the environment you are in. It does not take much to spruce up your space and give it a new lease of life, opening up your mind in the process, getting your creative juices flowing and thinking in a different way to usual.

Whether it is your home or a work space you have decided to jazz up, finding new bits and pieces to make your room exactly how you want it to be is an enormously fun process. Here are a few tips about the sort of things that are available at the moment to give you some initial ideas and inspiration.

Designer Inspiration

Look for inspiration from the biggest names in designer furniture. The pioneers of the field are inspired by the world around them, the logic and beauty of nature and even by retro or vintage styles from times past. This can be reflected easily in furniture as natural materials and environments are mixed with manmade and technologically inspired designs to create unique and innovative products.

Think about simple, bright colours and soft curves to make a bold statement. The aesthetics can be complemented by the practicalities. For example, the chairs may be shaped in such a way so that they are easily stackable. The material can also be such that it is easily to clean and versatile enough to be suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Go Vintage

This is one of the most fashionable ways to kit a room out right now. The best thing about this look is that even when it is not at the height of fashion it never looks outdated; only classic. If you are lucky and have the time you can source some actual vintage furniture. Although it can be expensive to start with, if you look after it well then not only should it not lose value but it will often become more valuable as time goes on.

If you are looking for a more short term fix however, there is plenty of replica vintage style furniture available at the moment at more affordable prices. The useful thing about buying new is that they are often made of newer, more resilient materials so you can get the look without the impracticalities of old furniture.

Colours and Textures

Adding a bit of colour and texture to your room is a great way to give it a new feel without having to make drastic long-term changes like painting or moving walls. A bold colour scheme can give a room a completely different atmosphere and can be easily tweaked and modified should you be a fickle person. Texture can be added, not only to cushions, curtains and soft furnishings but also to walls. There are some really interesting wallpapers in shops which have a subtle textured pattern and are stylish but understated.

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