Kick Off Winter 2011 On A High With Some Cool Hi-Tops

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For every generation there is an item of footwear that is embraced by people of all genders and preferences. In today’s world one of the most popular items of footwear are hi-tops, a sensational item that provides comfort, practicality and style. With the cold weather fast approaching why not kick off winter on a high and invest in some cool hi-tops?

From skateboarders to basketball players, converse hi-tops are a common addition. Offering flexibility and style, the range of hi-tops available is extensive, meaning that consumers are faced with an endless about of choice.


For traditionalists, the original styles of converse hi-tops prove to be a popular purchase. Typically using the basic colour of black with white edging and laces, these are a great item which exudes fashion and function. The shoes themselves are designed to provide flexibility and grip, making them a functional item for a number of sports and activities. However, with a large surface area for designs, these shoes can be personalised to transform them into beautiful fashionable items.

The classic hi-top remains one of the most popular and has ingratiated itself as a style icon for the masses. Embraced by people of all demographics, the traditional style hi-top is the perfect way for you to show your class this winter.


Of course, some people prefer to be a bit bolder, leading to the number of hi-top variants which have since been created. From bold and beautiful colours ranging from red and blue to bright green and pink, the range of hi-tops offered is sensational.

With winter set to bring cold weather and white snow, investing in a brightly coloured pair of hi-tops could be the perfect way for you to bring some light and sunshine to the season. Standing out from the crowd, these hi-tops will show people that you aren’t afraid to demonstrate your unique sense of style. Make a statement and choose a bold pair of hi-tops to show off this winter.


Hi-top designs did not end with bold coloured variants but extended even further into more radical designs. A number of designers have created their own unique designs for converse hi-tops and there is even the option for you to create your own unique design! This means that you could be strutting around in your very own unique item of footwear, making a bold fashion statement at all times.

Radical designs can be anything you want them to be but most designers have tended to focus on graffiti style variants that utilise any combination of colours. The other great thing about radical converse hi-top designs is that you don’t have to make them match. A number of designer variants use slightly different designs for the left and right shoe, and you could do the same when creating your own style. This is a great way to stand out in the winter, helping you to kick the season off in style.

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