Buying Guide to Watches

3Buying a new watch is usually quite a big purchase as it will likely reside on your wrist for many years to come. As you won’t be changing your watch every few months, there are a few things you’ll need to consider when looking at watches for sale.


A watch isn’t just something that you look at to check the time, it becomes part of who you are and your personal style. As such, when looking at the watches for sale, have a think about when you’ll be wearing it and what style would be most appropriate for you.

  • Casual: easy to read, comfortable strap, water resistant, colour
  • Dress: size, gemstone decoration, strap material
  • Sports: digital, timer, alarm, water resistant, strap material
  • Pocket: chain/clip, healthcare, material
  • Fashion: largely down to personal preference so think about your personality
  • Luxury/designer: automatic movement, skeleton caseback, manufacturer.


How many times per day do you check the time? You may not think much about how a watch operates, but it takes some clever engineering to keep you on time. Although all the watches for sale will have many parts, here are the main components.

  • Hands: the hands of a watch are the pointers that tell you the time. There are a number of different types of hands, including alpha, baton, dauphine, skeleton and luminous, but they all have the same job.
  • Dial: the face of the watch is known as the dial, it shows the hours and minutes of the day. Some dials will have a design and other features, such as a second smaller dial or the date.
  • Balance wheel: this major component is what regulates the watch, by vibrating on the hairspring.
  • Motion work: a series of parts within the watch that receive power and distribute it to the watch, also responsible for powering the hands.


When we refer to the movement in watches for sale, we mean the component responsible for timekeeping. An analogue watch can either be quartz or automatic (mechanical), quartz movements run from the battery, whereas automatic movements are wound up by your natural arm movement. It may be a cliché but some of the finest watches for sale are manufactured in Switzerland.


Watches can have one of three types of display: digital, analogue or analogue-digital, although the latter is only really found on sports watches. An analogue watch displays the time with traditional hands on a dial, whereas a digital watch uses digits on an LCD. The analogue-digital uses a combination of both styles.

When choosing a watch you need to think about the material it’s made from, when you’ll wear it, what you’ll wear it with and so on. Can you see yourself with the same timepiece in a couple of years? As you can see there is a lot to consider when browsing around watches for sale, so don’t just plump for the first one you see.

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