Bespoke Engagement Rings

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Something old, something new…

The bespoke engagement ring: from classic to contemporary, and everything in-between.

It almost goes without saying that wedding rings are far more than just another piece of jewellery. They are enduring symbols of commitment; these days many women choose to wear their engagement rings together with their wedding rings for the rest of their lives. Their very design represents fidelity and strength: at the heart of the traditional engagement ring design is the diamond, the hardness of which makes it the perfect symbol of endurance, of resisting the passage of time. The classic wedding band is an unbroken circular shape, which stands for continuity, and is made from gold, representing purity. Ancient traditional customs are at the heart of the ritual of giving rings as part of the marriage ceremony to symbolise eternity.

However, even such an enduring symbolic gift is not immune to fashion or the changing times, and not every bride chooses a traditional ring. Every aspiring groom deserves to have the chance to see his bride’s eyes light up with joy when she sees the ring of her dreams… whatever that may mean to her. That solitaire diamond, still a symbol of enduring love, might today be set in platinum. The modern bride might choose a traditional yellow gold wedding band but prefer to have several diamonds, or even a glamorous ruby or glittering sapphire set into it. The sky’s the limit for savvy modern brides, and the savvy groom goes out hunting for engagement rings armed with detailed knowledge of his partner’s unique style, preferences… and possibly her Mum or best friend on hand for invaluable advice!

Taste in jewellery is a very personal thing, and the classic solitaire diamond rings which spring to mind upon hearing the words “engagement ring” might not be right for everyone. And unlike with second-hand pieces, a quality modern bespoke ring would still use fully certificated diamonds, offering the buyer affordable, original jewellery and invaluable peace of mind. A bride with a flair for vintage style might love an art-deco inspired cluster of diamonds in platinum. A girl on the go might like an understated ring as practical and adventurous as she is, while something sparkly and undeniably ostentatious might suit a true glamour-girl perfectly.

It is worth remembering that jewellery-making is an art form, and modern techniques allow all sorts of unusual and interesting designs beyond the classic claw-set diamond rings of yesteryear, whether it is elegant filigree, intricate engraving or minimalist, modern stylings. Technology has moved with the times, and so has the style of modern jewellery; a good jeweller can now create quality pieces to almost any specification. Many grooms neglect to consider the very affordable possibility of having a ring designed specifically for their partner; this service creates the possibility of unusual metals, different precious stones, and pieces inspired by any style, era or antique that catches the eye. A bespoke design could be the answer when it comes to creating a one-of-a-kind piece that is just perfect.

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